Pastor’s Welcome

Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to King’s Cross Church!

Most people today are searching for something in life that is meaningful and lasting. Something meaningful is connected and real. Something lasting really ‘hits the spot’ and ‘sticks with you’. At King’s Cross, we believe that meaning and direction in life can only be found in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  

Life can be empty and exhausting when we go it alone. According to the Scriptures, God does not want us to live life on our own. Therefore, it is our firm belief that genuine relationships are the only context in which significant, lasting spiritual growth can occur. For this reason we feel that ‘church’ can never be simply a place we go to on Sundays to engage in some religious activities in the presence of others. Instead our desire for our church is that we would be a true community of believers who are relationally united to Jesus Christ and to one another in love.

As a community of believers in Jesus Christ, we worship God, point the world to forgiveness and meaning in life through faith in Jesus Christ, show the world the compassion of God in Jesus Christ by our actions, and help each other to grow to spiritual maturity as followers of Jesus Christ. This is the ‘secret’ of a meaningful life that lasts beyond the everyday, rat-race of life. 

King’s Cross Church is well established in Charlotte and yet it is a new work of the Lord establishing His Church. Come and see what the Lord is doing among us! Learn what to expect when you visit.

-Pastor Nathan Frazier
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