Weekly Ministries

Weekly Ministries

Our members are engaged during the work week in serving the Lord in the different places God has put them. But to be built up for that service, not only do we need to be spiritually fed by worshiping together on Sunday and in our personal devotions, we also need to come together throughout the week. Below are some of the opportunities available for that growth at King’s Cross Church. Please Contact us with questions or for more information!

Men’s Morning Bible Study: Tuesday @ 5:30 AM

Join with other men in the community to study the Scriptures and fellowship before you begin the workday.

Straight Talk: Wednesday @ 12 PM

Do you have a question about the Bible, Jesus, or a controversial topic? Then Straight Talk is for you! Straight talk meets every Wednesday at noon for discussion so that we might better understand God’s word.

Prayer and Bible Study: Thursday @ 10:00 AM

Christians are called to seek God together in prayer. We gather every Thursday morning at 10:00 to join in prayer for the needs of our congregation and our community. Bible study begins at 10:30.